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What is it the missing toll payment?

When you enter the motorway you need to have, at the entrance gate, the ordinary ticket. On the contrary the Telepass/Europass users don't have to pick up the ticket because the entrance details are already automatically registered. The ordinary ticket allows to calculate the toll in relation to the number of kilometers that you have done and to the kind of vehicle that you are driving.
When you exit the motorway you have different methods to pay the toll:
- in cash by the manual entrances (the ones where you can see a toll collector at your service);
- in cash by the automatic entrances;
- with the "Via card" by all the entrances: automatic and manual;
- with credit cards or debit card: by all the entrances, automatic and manual;
- with "Telepass or Europass" by the entrances where a yellow horizontal or a specific sign is indicated.
The missing toll payment, in full or partial, determines a print out report (a transit statement or a ticket) called also R.M.P.P.

How can you pay?

A R.M.P.P., that is exclusively printed out by the CAV S.P.A., can be paid, from now on, also directly from home.

The CAV S.P.A., in collaboration with the SETEFI S.p.A. authorizes the on line payment of the R.M.P.P. printed directly at the entrance gates or or demanded by a dunning letter sent by post and it allows the use of the following credit cards:

The transaction security is guaranteed by the regulations acceptance verified by VISA and MASTERCARD Secure Code.

Which are the transaction fares?

The on line transaction won't be charged.

For any kind of information it is possible to contact the specific office that deals with the management of the Missing toll payment reports to the following numbers:

EMAIL : recuperopedaggio@cavspa.it

Help desk service is available from Monday to Friday 9.00-12.00 only on working days and unavailable on June 13th, August 14th and December 22th.

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